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Due to the extreme amount of aspiring models that wish to be represented by agencies, we have outlined several ways to be considered by our agents and have also included the general guidelines for submission:


We consider models that are at least 5'6" to 6'0", with a dress size from 0-5, with reasonable exceptions. Models must be height and weight proportionate to agency standards, healthy in appearance with clear skin and healthy hair. Age range is restricted from 18 years to 28 for this market. All submissions are reviewed on photographic potential with final interviews critiques being based on personality and professionalism.

Male Models for the this market are at least 5'9" to 6'2" in height and range in ages from 18-30 years old. We look for healthy individuals who wear a jacket size of 39-43. Male models must be in-shape and also have clear skin and healthy hair.

You must submit minimum of two recent pictures. Your pictures should capture your natural look without makeup. Please send a full-length and facial color digital pictures.

Please note that your pictures will not be returned. Full House Promotions Model Management does not charge a fee to submit photos or to attend an open call.

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