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Model and talent rates are applicable to shoot time only. Definite bookings are computed on a consecutive eight-hour day between 9:00am and 5:30pm and will include all preparation time for the specific job. Overtime rates of time and one half will apply before 9:00am and after 5:30pm, all day weekends and holidays unless previously negotiated. Lingerie rates are at double the hourly or daily rate. Travel time is applicable at half the rate when travelling to an area beyond the reasonable reach of local transportation. Fittings and wardrobe checks are full rates.
Weather permit bookings must be specified in advance. Cancelled weather permit bookings that are not rescheduled within 60 days are subject to full charge.
Cancellations that are not made within two working days prior to booking day will be subject to one half of the billable fee. Twenty-four hours or less are subject to full fee.
Tentatives or options on talent can be released by agent if client does not confirm the booking within 4 hours of inquiry to client which will allow secondary bookings to confirm specified talent.
Booking particulars including hair, makeup, wardrobe, billing information or any other special requirements must be specified by client when placing definite bookings.
20% agency service fee is added to all bookings and usage fees.
Usage rights for all images whether video, Internet, experimental, spec or test must be negotiated before use or full usage rates will apply. Models may not sign any photographic release without first written approval by an authorized Full House Promotions model and talent agent.
All bookings will utilize a Full House Promotions voucher and vouchers are to be paid within 30 days of invoice. All invoices past 30 days will be subject to a One and One Half percent late fee. Invoices over 90 days will be subject to Collection and Attorney fees. Images may not be used for publication for any reason unless the invoice has been paid in full prior to use.

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